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The ultimate EDA tools for analog BIST IP

  • Cuts analog test cost
  • Test analog functions on digital testers
  • Simplifies testing of complex, crowded chips
  • Slashes test time for analog sections 
  • Enables in-life testing 
  • Available for ADCs & DACs

ATEEDA’s BIST suite of silicon-proven IP-generating tools provides dramatic reductions in the cost of analog test. Our philosophy is simple but extremely powerful, just like our tests: Exploit intelligence, not brute force. Our tools create simple tests with a small digital block and a tiny, robust analog IP.

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Simplified Test Access

Chips are becoming so crowded they are nearly impossible to test, especially for System-on-Chip and System-in-Package products and at wafer probe.

BIST removes the need to provide test access for each analog block, saving pins and avoiding the need for complicated test multiplexers.

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Reduced Test Costs

Analog Test Equipment is expensive, and has limited capacity for running tests simultaneously.

BIST allows analog System-on-Chip blocks to be tested in parallel on low-cost digital test equipment, resulting in up to 90% saving in test cost.

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