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Test to the highest specification with ATEEDA to deliver superior technology, reduce CAPEX and increase revenue.

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Superior Testing from ATEEDA

  • Testimonials

    "ATEEDA has shown the highest level of professionalism, competence and preparation in all areas: technical, logistics, administrative. The generATE module performance and support exceeded all our expectations and we have now successfully developed a transferable multisite solution for production test to enable us to overcome ATE limitations. Simply put, ATEEDA performs."

    Don Greer, Maxim Integrated

  • Testimonials

    "We have evaluated ATEEDA’S generATE modules for testing our audio devices and have been impressed by how well they outperform the current production testers and meet our next generation requirements. We have seen how they are exploiting their performance boosting IP and how this could help us meet the demanding requirements from our end customers."

    Allan Hughes , VP Cirrus Logic International